About Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery


    Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery was founded in 1937 by the late Miss E Gamble. In addition to being our founder, she also taught here for over sixty years. In 2001 Miss Gamble reported to the press: “I always say if you’ve a good beginning, you can go on from there and that’s what my old pupils always tell me I gave them.”

    Miss Gamble’s legacy continues under our existing management team Mrs Anne Whitworth who has been with Coteswood House for over 25 years. In addition Miss Lisa Wise has been with Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery for over five years. Similarly both are very passionate about Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery’s success.


    Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery has been rated as ‘GOOD’ (Grade 2) by OFSTED. For instance as of our last inspection in October 2016. Therefore we continually strive to improve every aspect of our school and are aiming for a rating of ‘OUTSTANDING’ (Grade 1) at our next Inspection!

    Our Ofsted registration number is EY480687.

    Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery is registered with Ofsted for children aged 2-5. In addition to the provision of out-of-school care for children aged 3-8.


    Uniform is a compulsory element of Coteswood House Pre-school and Day Nursery for the 3-5 year olds. Moreover we feel this is very important for setting the right atmosphere and sense of equality for each child. Therefore if you would like to know who we use, the uniform suppliers are Schoolwear Solutions and Just School Wear. Please speak to a member of staff for an up to date uniform list.


    Coteswood House Pre-school and Day Nursery accepts Childcare Vouchers – click here for more information.


    Each child is regarded as an individual with equal rights of access to all that the school has to offer. Equality of opportunity is encouraged and no pupil is discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, religion, language or ability. Therefore where English is a second language, both child and family are supported according to their individual needs.


    We treat all children with respect and we ensure equality of opportunity. For instance all the staff have positive attitudes and we are continually assessing and reassessing the way education is delivered. Therefore all children receive maximum benefit from the provision we offer, whatever their ability or disability.


    Children are given educational plans tailored to their individual needs. Above all, these children are encouraged to take an active part in the whole of the school life.


    The school reserves the right to suspend or exclude a child should the need arise. In other words exclusion is not undertaken lightly and is only carried out after following our detailed Discipline and Complaints Procedure.

    A copy of all school policies are available to look at in school on request.