Coteswood House Testimonials:

Please take a look below at the Coteswood House testimonials from some of our pupil’s happy parents

Testimonial 1:

Coteswood is a small, friendly and exceptionally professional pre-school with a fantastic learning and support culture. My son was warmly welcomed and loves his time there. Thank you Coteswood team!

Natalie Sharpe


Testimonial 3:

My son started at Coteswood in February and I can’t speak more highly of the pre-school. He absolutely loves his days there and the staff are all a pleasure to deal with. They have been very supportive of my son’s specific needs and are always available for any queries or concerns. They’ve also been extremely flexible and are great at communicating important news and developments. I get regular observations so I’m always up to speed with what my son is up to. The availability of longer days is also perfect for full-time working parents like us. We’re so glad that we chose Coteswood!

Helen Abbott


Testimonial 5:

Perfect place to send your children. As well as knowing the importance of education, they also nurture, care and promote creativity building on the whole child. I wish my child could stay for longer, seeing her smiling everyday going to Pre school and the lovely warm welcome she gets every day has been amazing to see. Thank you for everything, Coteswood house is really a special place!

Kellee Pilkington


Testimonial 7:

We LOVE Coteswood house! The teachers are all so nurturing and treat all children like their own. The setting is a lovely place and my children come home telling me everyday what a great time they have had.

Aimee Har


Testimonial 2:

My son loves it at Coteswood! He has got very good relationships with all of the staff and made some lovely friends. All the staff are amazing and keep you very up to date with everything. I wish I knew about here for my older son I would definitely recommend it.

Michelle Lou


Testimonial 4:

My daughter started here in January and absolutely loves it! The staff are friendly, welcoming and have been so helpful with the settling in process. I am extremely pleased with the happy atmosphere, fun and creative activities provided and the warm and caring nature of the staff towards the children. I would definitely recommend this preschool. The communication between staff and home is excellent, I feel very well informed about my daughters development and learning – a lovely preschool!

Laura Greenfield


Testimonial 6:

After viewing several nurseries (with my son clinging to my leg) we visited Coteswood and within minutes he was off exploring & we instantly knew that this was the one! Teddy has been at the nursery since September 2016 and loves it. I think the appeal for us was that it has such a “homely” feel about it and the staff are all so approachable & nurturing. The door is always open to voice concerns and the staff are very accommodating – I couldn’t recommend this nursery highly enough

Jessica Wilding


Testimonial 8:

Both my son and daughter are currently at Coteswood and have come along leaps and bounds. Absolutely fantastic nursery so glad we chose to come here.

Lucy Charlotte Clare


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